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Gothenburg the Ship

For anyone who would like to know what a tall ship is and what kind of financial impact they may have upon arrivals to various ports, here is a small but interesting film. Why is this posted on my blog? Please reflect on the fact that water connects Coastal Cities, Buffalo is a Coastal City.  Floating ambassadors are excellent good-will makers. We need more international collaboration. Learning by doing is an excellent way of gaining knowledge. Small and large vessels increase tourism! Capt Pierre Wallinder

“Sail Baltimore” – Why doesn’t Buffalo have anything like this?

History and Mission Sail Baltimore, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, provides a free, annual, public program of visiting ships and maritime events. In operation since 1975, our mission is one of economic development, education and cultural exchange. Each year, we produce a free program of visiting ships and maritime events to benefit the area’s residents, visitors, youth and business community. Sail Baltimore is the city’s blockbuster attraction, a changing museum in our harbor, in which residents and visitors alike can learn about various cultures around the world. Through our visiting ships program, participating vessels come and go throughout the year, staying for anywhere from one day to several weeks, and opening their decks to the public for free tours. Because of Sail Baltimore’s efforts to bring ships to Baltimore and publicize each ship visit, visitors are able to go on board…

What is a Waterfront?

I am in awe on what they did in Malmo, Sweden’s 3rd largest City. A massive conversion of an entire area; former industrial, vacant brownfield, is now a new and sustainable home for many thousands of people, while it has created new economy jobs, high quality recreation, and became a destination for other World-Wide Cities, seeking…

Sailing is fun

Hi- decided to show you this action filled snippet on how fast a sailing boat goes when the wind is strong and the crew is experienced looks like. This is of course not something we practice on our courses, we would not expose any beginner for something that may be considered as scary, compare this demonstration of skills to when skiers go down hill very fast.   Our teaching is done in a way more relaxed way, and in not so strong wind conditions. Some people like the thrill of hard wind, some people don’t, we are all different, and that is good. I enjoyed talking with a formerly very active Hobie Cat sailor the other day at the marina,  when he was telling me about the local Hobie Fleet. I had no idea they are that many, up to 40…

How to Send a Distress Call

Every sailor hopes he will never need to say those three words. “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday”, but you need to be prepared in case you find yourself  in a situation you need to send a distress call to the Coast Guard. The proper way to send a distress call: You may only have seconds to send a distress call. Here’s what you should do: Procedure for VHF Channel 16 MAYDAY: If you have an MF/HF radiotelephone tuned to 2182 kHz, send the radiotelephone alarm signal if one is available. If you have a VHF marine radio, tune it to channel 16. Unless you know you are outside VHF range of shore and ships, call on channel 16 first. Distress signal “MAYDAY”, spoken three times. The words “THIS IS”, spoken once. Name of vessel in distress (spoken three times) and call sign or boat…

Robin Williams aboard Plastiki

Do you know what is the Plastiki ? Plastiki is a catamaran constructed with 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles. Her crew embarked (20 March) in a 100-day eco-mission from San Francisco to Sydney. Their objective: witness some of the most devastating waste accumulation on our planet composed mostly of plastic. Pledge to better our oceans and planet. Reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink !

First Annual Season Premier

In record wind with gusts over 60 MPH the boats stayed by the dock and we were inside the Naval Museum until 1 PM. Thank you to our members/friends, students and visitors who defied the nature and came down to the waterfront on such a day! It just once again reemphasize that without any building space, which functions as a foul weather shelter, its very difficult to hold any predictable schedule by the shoreline. For visitors, please come back, you have a rain-check for a Friday Night Sail at no cost. For those of you who already have the ASA 101 and who wants to join the boat share program, I promise the weather will be much better soon, so join anytime you feel ready to do so. Enjoy the pictures attached, many more events and happenings will follow as…

Jessica Watson get home safe and sound

Jessica Watson get home safe and sound The Australian, 16-year-old, Jessica Watson just finished her solo sailing around the world, nonstop and unassisted. Yesterday she finally arrived in Sydney, her home port, after 210 days and more than 23.000 nautical miles sailing. She have chosen a route that is a traditionally recognized path and distance for ‘around the world sailors’….

Referal Fee Program Is Now In Place

Referal Fee Program Is Now In Place, Call 716-432-6589 If you are an ASA Student, or a Club-Member or Family, we offer a very generous Referral Fee to you if you refer a new student to us. Please call 716-432-6589 or email for details. We can also offer Payment Plans for qualified candidates. Let’s discuss what you needs are, and see if we can get you out there in the boating community. Start your life long dream now, nothing to wait for, just do it! We have the quality boats, a convenient location downtown Buffalo, accredited certifications and a really friendly team of instructors and members, you are invited to come down and check out the boats for yourself. Capt Pierre Wallinder

Reserve Your Spot By Mail

Bypass Online Booking Fees Here If you would like to avoid online booking fees, please send a check payable to Sail Buffalo to reserve your spot. Please include with your check the date you would like to reserve and the name of registrant and participant (if they are differ). Send Check to: Sail Buffalo Sailing…