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Meet the Sail Buffalo Crew

Captain Buffalo

A Conversation with Captain Pierre Wallinder

Pierre Wallinder

Director of Operations

A lifelong sailor who grew up on the windy shores at the West Coast of Sweden. After coming to Buffalo he has taken his Captains License and ASA Instructor credentials (201, 203, 204, 214). Look for the interview with Capt. Pierre Wallinder at the end of this page.

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Alexandra Wallinder

Sailing Instructor & Visionary

Alexandra “Al” is a passionate teacher who loves children and to see them succeed on the water. She is wonderful with all ages, but is especially fond of the Junior Sail Campers.

Captain Tim Overdorf

ASA Sailing Instructor

Having began his sailing career relatively late in life at 30 years old, Tim dove into the sport with a passion and quickly obtained his ASA 101, 103, 104 and 114 designations. During his eighteen years of sailing he has become an accomplished racer as well as a frequent cruiser in the Caribbean.

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Captain Justin Sircus

ASA Sailing Instructor

From commercial fishing in the Florida Keys to Coast Guard Patrols throughout the US East Coast and Caribbean, Justin has been working on the water for most of his life. Now a Licensed Captain and Certified ASA sailing instructor, he brings his experience to Sail Buffalo!

Captain Daniel C Britt

Instructor ASA Classes

Worldwide traveler, freelance writer and restorer of an old church, Dan recently took his 100 t USCG license and became an ASA 201 Certified Sailing Instructor. He loves summers in Buffalo but is already planning for work in the Caribbean during winter months.

Flora Adams

Junior Sail Camp Councelor

Flora’s energy and good spirited nature is highly appreciated among all campers and staff! She has been with Sail Buffalo for several years already and we are looking forward to many more. She ensures everybody is trying their best and puts in the hard work so the learning includes tidying up as well. Flora has been sailing for 15 years in a variety of boats and is excited to pass her knowledge at Sail Buffalo’s Junior Sail Camp.

Nick Wallinder

Assistant Sailing Instructor & Co-Founder

Nick WallyWorld graduated from SUNY Maritime College with a BE in Naval Architecture 2016! Now he resides in Cleveland OH where he works for Great Lakes Group. He will also teach sailing out of Cleveland, on his Catalina 27, booking requests can be sent to us or to him directly during evenings and weekend only.


A Conversation with Captain Pierre Wallinder

Ready To Book?

A Conversation with Captain Pierre Wallinder

Ready To Book?