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Sailing is fun

Hi- decided to show you this action filled snippet on how fast a sailing boat goes when the wind is strong and the crew is experienced looks like. This is of course not something we practice on our courses, we would not expose any beginner for something that may be considered as scary, compare this demonstration of skills to when skiers go down hill very fast.   Our teaching is done in a way more relaxed way, and in not so strong wind conditions.

Some people like the thrill of hard wind, some people don’t, we are all different, and that is good. I enjoyed talking with a formerly very active Hobie Cat sailor the other day at the marina,  when he was telling me about the local Hobie Fleet. I had no idea they are that many, up to 40 active sailors, and they have their fleet along the shoreline in Angola this year. He was telling me about the wind conditions he like to sail in, and you guessed it, the more and harder that wind blows, the happier this guy is.

To teach a beginner, you must start build skills step by step, in sequences. Our first lesson is very relaxed, just us by they dockside, talking about all the different things on the boat and what everything does and why.

So don’t let above movie scare you, but think of it as extreme sailing, something the very experienced can do, after many years of hard practice.


Capt Pierre Wallinder

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