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First Annual Season Premier

In record wind with gusts over 60 MPH the boats stayed by the dock and we were inside the Naval Museum
until 1 PM. Thank you to our members/friends, students and visitors who defied the nature and came down to the waterfront on such a day!

It just once again reemphasize that without any building space, which functions as a foul weather shelter, its very difficult to hold any predictable schedule by the shoreline.

For visitors, please come back, you have a rain-check for a Friday Night Sail at no cost.

For those of you who already have the ASA 101 and who wants to join the boat share program, I promise the weather will be much better soon, so join anytime you feel ready to do so.

Enjoy the pictures attached, many more events and happenings will follow as the weather changes.

Capt Pierre Wallinder

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